Thread Non Surgical Face Lift

Thread instant face lift


You've probably heard of the term one-stitch facelift or puppet facelift as it gains more popularity in the media. All these names are just provocative terms to describe a treatment called Thread Lifting.

The Thread Face Lift was first made popular in Europe, where women were looking for natural solutions to achieve a natural youthful look with more long-term results. The thread Lift treatment does this using a series of microfilaments or threads placed in strategic areas to lift the eyebrows, the cheeks, and lift the jawline and neck. The threads use four modes of action providing lifting as well as volumizing, tightening, and contouring action.

The threads lift, support, volumize, tighten or contour your skin depending on the thread type selected and position where they are inserted, then the body naturally reacts to the threads to produce collagen growth over time. The threads lifting action continues as they gradually dissolve in approximately 6 months. The temporary nature of the threads is a huge plus as it lessons potential issues of infection which is a greater risk with any permanent sutures or major facial surgery.


Like a fountain of youth, the threads work daily to lift, volumize, tighten and contour where they were placed in your face and neck. As a result, you will notice some results immediately when the threads are inserted. After placement, your body naturally responds to the threads producing collagen creating greater natural looking results overtime with maximum results seen around the 4-month range. The results from The thread Face Lift are long lasting anywhere from 12 to 18 months, sometimes longer depending on the patient. How the long the effect lasts depends on how healthy you are, the degree of sagging that you have, the skin, the quality of your skin at the time, and how many threads are used.

THE THREAD PROCEDURE WHAT TO EXPECTThread non surgical facelift


In the first few days after (approximately 3-4) you may experience some discomfort and bruising which should resolve completely in about a week. Results continue as your body heals and responds to the threads, much of the results can be seen a month after treatment.